AI Powered Apps Development

G360’s comprehensive AI powered AppDev services include design, prototyping, development, and ongoing support. We leverage the powerful tools included in the Azure OpenAI Service to successfully develop, fine-tune, and modify your applications to maximal performance.  Some of the Generative AI applications we can build include:
--predictive analytics for and enablement of a wide range of user queries against your enterprise data
--automation of common work processes in IT, HR, Marketing, Customer Service and Finance
--Content creation for Marketing, including personalization based on individual user intents, preferences, and history.

G360 can also help rewrite legacy applications in modern, more efficient and more easily supported code.  Some of the application code can we written at much lower cost and higher quality using OpenA to write code automatically.

We look forward to discussing your business challenges and finding ways to Engineer your Business Success.
AI Powered Apps Development

Microsoft Product Implementations


G360 can help provide a tremendous boost in your employees’ productivity and work quality through Microsoft’s suite of Copilot applications. As the name implies, Copilot works side by side with Microsoft 365 users as they compose emails, create meeting minutes and summaries, build PowerPoint presentations and collaborate in Teams.

Copilot can be customized based on your existing processes, procedures and data. Through workshops, G360 helps educate your team on Copilot capabilities and with them develops a roadmap for successful implementation. We then roll out the functionality in a phased approach with good user and technical support training so adoption is smooth and effective.

Over time, we can work with you to build your own Copilot AI applications in addition to those provided by Microsoft.


Microsoft 365

As your entire staff will be using the functionality in Microsoft 365 (MS 365), it’s critical that the implementation be effective, the supporting infrastructure solid and secure and the users comfortable and productive.

G360 has experience helping clients adopt Microsoft 365, ensuring that:

• The needed network and cloud services are in place

• Security protections are in place

• Data is successfully migrated from on premise to the cloud in a well structured architecture

• User adoption is quick and efficient.

G360 can guide your organization through every step in the process and can also provide ongoing Managed Services to enhance the applications over time, to provide strong support for proper system maintenance, and to handle any user concerns.

Microsoft 365

SharePoint and Power Platform

Through implementation of SharePoint, G360 can help users in need of a central repository of their critical files and documents, complete with collaborative features to enable group document editing and automated workflows. Through careful planning, we work with our clients to support and enhance their unique business processes.

With SharePoint as a central document repository, our clients benefit from extending the capability of SharePoint by implementing Microsoft’s Power Platform of applications:

• Power Apps to create custom views, forms and business logic

• Power Automate to automate workflows and processes

• Power BI for data visualization and analytics.

G360 has worked closely with clients to implement and extend the core functionality of SharePoint, with considerable focus on integrating SharePoint and the Power Platform. The result is a wealth of applications using SharePoint data to automate workflows, customize views, and deploy analytics to gain insights from SharePoint data.

From our extensive work with SharePoint and the Power Platform, we have helped numerous clients manage and grow their document and analytics capabilities, with impressive business results. Let’s talk about how we can help you best manage the data, documents and work processes which are critical to your organization’s success.

SharePoint and Power Platform

Delivery Models

G360 engages with our clients to complement your existing team. This can range from turnkey, outsourced projects to extending your existing engineering team, to providing key resources where needed in your team. We can also set up and manage your Cloud environment. In every case, consulting guidance from our leadership and senior technical team are core to the value we provide our clients.

Defined Project (Fixed or T&M)

When your staff is fully occupied with existing work or you don’t have the expertise in new technologies, G360 can complete your project from initial concept through to implementation and ongoing application support. We work with your stakeholders to identify requirements, functional and technical specifications, then complete application development, quality assurance and implementation, along with technical and user training.

We also provide ongoing application support to ensure your system is fully maintained and enhanced as new features and functionality are desired.

G360 can completed defined projects on a Fixed Price or Time and Materials basis.

Extension of Client Engineering Team

Many of our clients have an existing engineering team but are seeking to extend their team with partner resources providing the following benefits:

• Specialized skills, not desired in house

• More cost-effective from an offshore or nearshore location

• Allowing the internal team to focus on the most exciting new product development, while using a third party team for maintenance, QA and support tasks

• Acceleration of product delivery through and additional team

• Ease of increasing and decreasing the team size without hiring and firing employee resources or being constrained by employee headcount budget

Our extended team works as an integral part of your in-house team, with local or nearshore G360 technical and project leadership to communicate with your team during the entire US working day.

Managed Services

Our work with clients does not stop when the application is moved to production.  G360 continues to provide Managed Services to provide:

• Application maintenance, QA and bug fixing

• Support services to answer users’ queries, log and resolve issues

• Application enhancements, typically through prioritization and backlog management to provide a steady stream of desired improvements and to keep the application fresh and the user demands satisfied.

At the beginning of our Managed Services engagement, G360 works with our clients to put in place Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) governing application response times, application availability, issue response times, resolution times and other metrics.

In addition to Application Management, G360 can manage your entire Azure Cloud environment, including initial setup and subscriptions. We monitor resource usage and optimize these so our clients always have the needed system resources without paying for any unused or underused resources.


Some clients need partner resources, but wish to manage their entire engineering team with their existing team. In this case, G360 provides highly skilled resources to work under the direction of our clients. In most cases, our staffing resources are G360 employees provided with benefits, management and technical direction and professional development opportunities to ensure the highest quality to our clients.

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